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The Rotary Club of Hurlingham held its annual medical camp on the 6th of April 2024, led by President Mejumaa Mbaruku amidst a country wide medical strike by Healthcare workers in Kenya. This was the 3rd medical outreach program at the Gilgil Sub-County area, organized by RC Hurlingham having helped set up and equip the Kikopey Dispensary 7 years ago.

The club together with its collaborative partners provided an array of holistic essential medical services that included eye screening, dental services, routine immunization, family planning services, nutritional counselling, treatment of common ailments, HIV/ Aids screening, cancer screening services including cervical, prostrate and breast, screening of non-communicable diseases including diabetes and hypertension and road safety sensitization, substance abuse prevention sensitization, counseling and brief interventions. More than 570 patients were reached through this free medical camp, who braved the rainy intervals to seek the much needed medical attention.

Creating hope to the residents of Kikopey
What an opportune time it was to hold the medical camp. This came at the backdrop of healthcare workers strike in Kenya which entered its 24th day and had compromised provision of comprehensive health care services within public hospitals.

From the moment they walked into the hospital compound, you would realize the agony on faces of patients who were frustrated with unavailable healthcare services within government facilities but were hopeful that this medical camp would be able to meet their medical needs.
Contributing to Universal Health Coverage goals of providing accessible, available, affordable, and quality health care services to communities at needs, this medical camp organized by RC Hurlingham lived to its expectations by enabling Gilgil sub-county residents to receive an array of free medical services.

The patients at different points of service expressed joy of accessing free medical services including laboratory tests and medication that eased their pain and suffering.

Satisfaction beyond volunteering – guests and Rotarian voices
Ever since the medical camp was announced and the activity date communicated during the club’s weekly fellowship, Faith Mwangi a long-time guest and friend of RC Hurglingham couldn’t hide her joy and reports that she was looking forward to being part of this year’s event. Not only was this opportunity going to fulfil part of the requirements for her to be inducted as a Rotarian and member of RC Hurlingham, she was also looking forward to experience the power of how Rotary connects people and communities through their programs. She volunteered to be part of the pharmacy team, ensuring that records of drugs dispensed were well documented for purposes of accountability.
“Being that it was my first time participating in a such an activity, the whole experience has been very fulfilling to me and I look forward to participating in several future opportunities as will be provided by the club” she said.

Rtn. Lilian Gachie who was inducted six months ago couldn’t hide her joy being part of her first medical camp. She was stationed at the triage desk where together with other volunteers, they ensured patients had their particulars captured and vital signs recorded on the patient cards. Being in the non-medical field, she was fascinated to experience first-hand the nature of several patients untold suffering while documenting their medical history and she was concerned this could have worsened without the medical camp.

The power of partnerships and continued collaborations
RC Hurlingham has continued to encounter success of this medical camp over the years due to its cordial relationship with its partners. Effective collaborations natured on trust and desire to tackle global pressing health needs aimed at promoting healthier communities through provision of accessible, available, affordable, and quality health interventions has provided an opportunity to resource mobilize various human resources, medical supplies and non – pharmaceuticals key to better outcomes and success of the medical camp.

Our partners included Ministry of Health through the Gilgil Sub–County, St. Mary’s Mission Hospital, Amref International University, Optica Limited, Teleflex Medical Technologies, Usikimye, NACADA, Baraka Smiles, Smile Changers Foundation, Pan Pharmaceuticals Limited, Regal Pharmaceutical Limited, Sphinx Pharmaceuticals Limited, Rangechem Pharmaceuticals Limited, Goodlife Pharmacy, Mayers Natural Spring Water, Jacaranda Hotels, PPG, Cosmos Pharmaceuticals Limited, Highlands Drinks Limited. The Rotary family included RC Gilgil, RC Naivasha, RC Waridi, RAC Hurlingham, RAC Menengai, RAC UoN Afya and RAC TUK.

Contributions to Rotary’s Areas of Focus
While acknowledging the importance of this medical camp, President Mejumaa highlighted the critical role RC Hurlingham continues to play towards Disease Prevention and Treatment as one of Rotary’s focus areas particularly with the ongoing medical strike.

“Once you do an impactful project like this, you get to feel the need that is there especially with the ongoing medical strike” she said. Additionally noting that “many have felt that this is a need they really wanted and were seeking these essential services.” She concludes by sharing reflections of many patients who were happy and satisfied with the variety of services provided by the club and its partners.
As the Kikopey Medical Camp 2024 Project Lead, I wish to thank all sponsors, partners, volunteers, family and friends of Rotary for making 2024 Free Kikopey Medical Camp a success. I beam with hope that these scheduled community services will continue attracting more Rotarians and friends of Rotary to have the community at heart and continuosly volunteer their time while dedicating their service to humanity.

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~Rtn Bildad Okwama: Kikopey Medical Camp Projects Lead, RC Hurlingham