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The new Rotary calendar is here, we transition from opening opportunities – where as District 9212, we were encouraged to Be Unlimited! – to this new year’s theme: Serve to Change Lives and as a District, spread the One Love! Rotary is a service entity and the opportunity to serve comes naturally to every committed Rotarian. In its own small or big way, it changes lives, not only to others but our very own. That is the satisfactory feeling of spreading the one love cheer!

In everything you do, strategy is very key. Our club retreat event was successful and its climax was President Veronica Ndumbi and her 2021-2022 Board Installation in a colourful ceremony. Despite it happening in July, where the weather is usually all dull and gloomy, the heavens smiled on us and spread its sunny rays at the ‘Happy Club’ installation, making it a bright, cheerful and full of one love event!

In our service delivery to our communities, we have featured phase one of the handing over of our 2020-2021 Discon Project at St Dominic’s Primary School, with a more lasting impact by planting trees. We have gone further and done two needs assessment within the first quarter of the year.

August being the Membership Month, some of our members share their stories on why they became Rotarians. Additionally, every month, an outstanding club member is recognized and awarded. It is in this spirit of being a people of action and the impactful projects Rotary has done to our communities that inspires new members to join in and serve.

Life is a series of tiny miracles, try to notice them!

~Rtn Mejumaa Mbaruku, President Nominee and Public Image Director

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