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Rotary Club Hurlingham members carry a rich history that spans over the last 33 years since it was chartered and are special because of the fun and fellowship that members have with each other. Our ability to mobilise a group of like-minded persons as well as affiliated groups to go out and solve problems in communities around us and most important, our desire to leave the world in a better state than how we found it, is our modus operandi. We therefore continue to strive at increasing our membership because the more the merrier.

After taking our Prospective Rotarians through a journey of introduction and mentorship that lasted slightly over three months, we were able to Induct three new amazing members into our RCH ‘Happy Club’ family. They are Kabale Sharamo (Classification: Community Engagement), Mary Gaichiri (Classification: Humanitarian Project Management) & Lucy Karago (Classification Banking) on 13th November 2021 at Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary officiated by our beautiful AG Shiru Kinuthia.

It was a well attended, nice, intimate and relaxing picnic brunch which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone, to an extend of members requesting to have another club social at the same location. Because, as we all know that whatever your mood, you will always feel calm and nice within nature. We were excited to have a new crop of energetic ladies who have already showed so much passion in community service, embodied the true spirit of giving back to the community, thereby making them a great value addition to our club, the District and humanity at large.

As we broke bread, one of the guests asked me, ‘Saum why are you Rotarian 10 years later?’. I told her I joined Rotary a decade ago because I wanted to be in a structured group that gives back to society. As the years went by, I discovered I was good in things like logistics, administration and Rotary really helped me see these strengths in myself and gave me the platform to utilize it. Not forgetting the networks and friendships it created for me and hence it became a lifestyle. I honestly do not know what I would do without Rotary in my life!

The impact of our community involvement continues to grow and the difference that we make continues to make it a worthwhile undertaking. Some things cannot be measured, the looks on childrens’ faces of varying ages as we set up a library and provide them with learning materials is unforgettable.
The look of relief on the womens’ faces and community members when we commission a water project is long lasting. The joy of children during the Rotary Sunshine Rally events every year is to die for! Our sojourn into varying communities to execute projects always leaves a lasting positive impression and that’s what life is always about. So, my principle remains that we give not because we have a lot but because we know what it is like not to have, and by extension, we know what the implications are of not having in our society.





Fellow Rotarians, let us be energised or re-energised as necessary. Let us not underestimate the value of our contributions globally. A recent study by John Hopkins University placed the estimated annual economic contribution of Rotary at eight hundred and fifty million US Dollars arising from about 47 million hours of volunteer effort. This excludes monetary gifts, funds raised by TRF, as well as the economic value of Rotary affiliated groups (including Rotaract, Interact, Community Corps, etc) and family members.

Translated into economic terms, Rotary is annually generating a scale of social and economic problem-solving effort that is worth nearly nine times more than it costs the organisation to produce. This reiterates what we all know, governments alone cannot fulfil all community needs in a timely manner and this is where our actions become important.

Every year, we aim to do more, on the various focus areas we choose to do projects in. We however, can make a greater impact by partnering with other service clubs, or with individuals or entities that share our common interest. We will also not forget that we should design and execute projects in a sustainable manner, ensuring that their impact will not wither away with a change in administration.

I am a Rotarian because I genuinely care about the welfare of people and the community and I see the need and opportunity to make a positive difference. I therefore call upon us to step up our involvement in Rotary because I can assure you this is where you really find yourself living a purpose driven life. So let us not be too focused on making a living but making a difference because that is where true happiness is!

~IPCC and Membership Director, Saum Siraj