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How time flies. three months to go and I will hand over the Presidency to my good friend, my PR Director, PE Mejumaa Mbaruku. Michael Mogill said and I quote, “Leadership is not for the faint hearted”. I tend to agree with him to some extent.

I cannot say it has been a smooth sailing, I have had my share of disappointments and frustrations, but I am happy for the great experience this Presidency journey has given me. One thing I love about Rotary is that it gives everyone a chance to lead.

Leading volunteers isn’t easy, there are times you will feel like breaking down but when you remember you are the leader, you put a strong face and continue to soldier on. You will have those who can take a bullet for you but of course it can never be 100%. I have since learnt the trick – move with those willing to move with you no matter what the naysayers are saying, after all, the Club belongs to us all.

I am proud of my achievements as the President 2022/23. One thing I will forever be proud of is the Medical Camp we recently held at Kikopey Dispensary which was a great success, despite the children being in school and not able to attend.

We managed to treat 650 patients and what touched me most, was seeing those young children with severe eyes problems. My prayer is that we make it an annual RC Hurlingham project and for sure we would have served humanity while ensuring sustainability, because, that is what people of action do, Save Lives!

In January 2023, we commissioned gas manifolds to five County Referral Hospitals, namely; J.M. Kariuki (Nyandarua), Iten (Elgeyo Marakwet), Busia, Wajir and Lamu; through a partnership with RC Taree (Australia), Emergency Medicine Kenya Foundation (EMKF) and a Global Grant from The Rotary Foundation. This was a great success and impactful project to have accomplished despite a few challenges here and there but the end results was awesome.

On 10th February, we hosted H.E. Andrii Pravednyk, the Ambassador of Ukraine to Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. We had a Mega Joint Fellowship with over 51 Rotary Clubs in District 9212 in attendance.
He talked to us about the Effects of Russian Invasion to Ukraine and the World. The speech was very candid and very sad story which left most people heartbroken just by listening to what our brothers and sisters in Ukraine are going through.

On 18th February, we hosted our beautiful DG Azeb Asrat for her official club visits. The fellowship was well attended and she was escorted by our Assistant Governor Rita Ndonye. We later shared lunch together and one thing I love about our DG is that she is a people’s person. She connects so well with everyone.

The Club has grown. I took over with a Membership of 37 and this has since increased to 44 Members. I have 3 more potential Members who have accomplished all the club’s requirements and waiting for the induction which will be in the coming month of May, thus I will hand over with a Membership of 47, which translate to 78% growth.

As we come close to the end of my year, I would say I am a happy person. The Presidency has left me a better person than I was before. It has taught me how to be resilient, accommodative and a good listener. I am a proud Rotarian and I will forever be grateful for making the decision to join Rotary.

~President Hilda Gikera