Emmanuel Youth Empowerment Centre, MG 69477

This was a project that helped in rehabilitating and educating street boys. It was sponsored by RC Squamish, Canada, and implemented by RC Hurlingham at the cost $29,000.

Nyamonye Community Computer Project, MG 760834

The grant was awarded to provide furnishing and computer technology to a newly constructed community school in Nyamonye, Kisumu, Kenya. It also included furnishing surrounding dispensaries with medical equipment

Kipkelok Project

Was a joint project by RC Hurlingham, RC Kromboom, RC Orsay, and RC Eggenfelden, through direct ‑ nancing. The project aims at coming up with eight new classrooms to replace the debilitated ones at Kipkelok Primary school.

Mbitini Water Project, Matching Grant #71664

The objective of this project was to provide basic infrastructure for water supply, provide power to pump the water, lay pipes at different locations, and train villagers to maintain the well at Mbitini Village, Makueni District.

Donation of 200 Illustrative Dictionaries to Sunrise of Africa Schools

The club donated 200 dictionaries worth £400 to Sunrise of Africa schools.  The books were imported from the United Kingdom, which was organised by Reach Out to Africa (ROTA).

Supply of Computers to Mt. Olives Girls School

This was a matching grant by RC Hurlingham and Newport Beach Sunrise. The project involved purchase, supply, programming, and installing 18 computers and monitors to Mt. Olives Girls Boarding School in Athi River Rural Kenya

Cura Beekeeping Project

This is was a matching grant with RC Stroud UK to provide 200 hives and other associated equipment together with training to 40 farmers at Cura village

Kisii Hospital Water Project

Kisii Hospital Water project was implemented by the Rotary Club of Hurlingham with the support from Conifer Rotary Club, Arvada Sunrise Rotary Club, Broom eld Rotary Club, Fort Morgan Rotary Club, Denver Tech Centre Rotary Club, and Blue Planet Run Foundation, at a cost of USD 65,650. The objective of the project was to improve water and sanitation at the hospital, which was then facing acute water shortage. In addition to providing water to the hospital, the project has provided taps for the community to use and a place for washing clothes. This project was handed over to the community on 15th November 2008. Many women are now using the protected spring area for washing clothes rather than the nearby heavily polluted river

Lake Baringo Island (Longicharo) Fluoride Filtration Project

The original objectives of this matching grant were to install a bone char flouoride water filter in the Njemps community of Longicharo at Lake Baringo, Kenya. This filter removes 100% of the fluoride from the water used by the community for all of their domestic needs and prevents fluoride poisoning (fluorosis), which results from excessive amounts of this naturally occurring substance. It also removes turbidity and 95% of the bacteria. The project was to provide families with individual household filters to for removal of the remaining bacteria

Mukaa Water Project

This a global grant project to provide clean water for the Mukaa Children’s Home and the surrounding community, located in Makueni County about 120 Kms from Nairobi Kenya. Mukaa children’s Home caters for about 100 plus kids who are orphans, Mukaa Boys High School, Mukaa GirlsHigh School, Mukaa Primary School and the neighboring residents. The total number of beneficiaries is more 2,000 people. Mukaa community presently has faced water shortage for a long time especially during the dry season. They had to truck water from long distances which was quite expensive. The Rotary Club of Hurlingham learnt about this project through a connection from Rotary Club of Machakos contacted by Chariots of Hope. Chariots of Hope introduced us to Rotary Club of Blue Bells our international partners in this project. The project was handed in 2015