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When the world was struck by a wave of Covid 19 restrictions, one of the critical groups affected were children of all ages. The extended closure of schools significantly affected general activities like sports and leisure activities for the children preventing them from achieving recommended levels of physical activity.

RC Hurlingham held a Kids’ Art Day on Saturday 28th August, 2021 at Karen Camp to provide an opportunity for children to express themselves as the restrictions started to ease. The event was a huge success, attracting 18 children, ranging from 4 to 17 years under the mentorship of rising star Paskaline Jebet, who is an artist, model and Rotaractor. (visit to learn more about her work.) While the kids indulged in the art activities, the parents and other guests had an opportunity to fellowship and catch up with their peers, giving this event a holistic approach.

Children are masters of the moment; there is nothing that brings them joy than the feel of the paintbrush smearing paint on paper, how it looks when they sprinkle glitter, and even the sound of the brush across the canvas or paper. The kids were allowed to express their artistic talents that left most parents amazed by the results. They also had a lot of fun and were already looking forward to the next event.








The Benefits of Painting

Painting can help children communicate their emotions or feelings. It is an excellent platform for children to progress and discover their creativity. They learn about various color mixtures and how they go together. Through the use of different colors, they can express themselves without using words.
Painting aids children in developing mobility skills. Their hand muscles are used, allowing them to develop mentally and physically. It also helps them acquire skills to focus on trivial details such as painting on a canvas or a piece of paper. This requires varied painting skills giving them an educational opportunity that is fun and equally exciting to do.

Painting also helps in acquiring hand-eye coordination, an essential skill for their age. It can play the role of therapy for a child who might be feeling different emotions, whether subtle or extreme. In addition to communication, painting is expressive, as children feel better about things they may have bottled up inside.

Perhaps the greatest benefit is the fact that painting provides you and your child(ren) a great platform to bond and spend valuable time together. Try and schedule a calendar date together to take some time out once in a while to paint with your child(ren) and get to see how rewarding this is in the long run.

~Rtn Kabale Sharamo


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