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Ghetto Classics (GC) is a flagship programme of the Art of Music Foundation. It involves over 500 children in Korogocho – one of Kenya’s largest slums that is home to about 300,000 urban poor and over 1000 more children in nine satellite areas around Nairobi, one in Kiambu and four in Mombasa, through the Orchestra for Schools Initiative. They use music education to provide the youth with opportunities to better themselves and their communities.

Based at the St. John’s Centre in Korogocho and the Ruben Centre in Mukuru Kwa Reuben, they run a brass band, string ensemble, orchestra, dance and choir programme, making tremendous strides in providing children and youth with creative expression through music, dance, and drama in order to improve their living conditions. Through its activities, resource mobilization efforts, and partnerships, the Foundation has ensured that its beneficiaries stay in school, have a roof over their heads, food on their tables, and, whenever possible, medical care. The organization’s mentorship project has provided much needed guidance to young adults, by addressing relationship issues, financial literacy, career guidance training, and monthly sanitary pads for the girls, allowing them to live with confidence and dignity.

To this end, during the RFEP in May 2022, D1860 donated string instruments which were handed over to PAG Sophie Njagi for onwards transition to the Children through RC Hurlingham.

~PAG Sophie Njagi